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Mason & Co , 75% Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Bar Review

Did you know that statistically, women tend to crave more chocolate than men do ? Studies have shown that chocolate cravings seems to be tied to hormonal changes and the magnesium in chocolates, and its ability to affect neurotransmitters maybe a large part of the...

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Three minute mantra of meditation

Think of meditation!!! The picture that floats in our mind is, one sitting in a cross-legged position, with some hand gestures, eyes closed and trying to calm one’s mind. It’s a common belief among most non-serious practicing youth amongst us that after some time,...

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Beauty and the bean – 7 must try DIY’s with Coffee

We all love a hot cup of coffee during a winter day or after a really tiring day at work .Coffee is scientifically proven to be a ‘wonder drink’, when consumed in moderation. It promotes good health and contains properties that helps you keep illness away.But excess...

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Review : The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel

Hola! Do you like to smell like oranges ? Hmm thought so ! That's the reason why i picked up one of the yummiest smelling shower gels from body shop and no doubt that i'm going to be reviewing the satsuma shower gel today ! Stick around to know how it fared! Price: Rs...

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Inatur Argan Body Butter Review

Hi everyone, Recently i've been open to trying out new products , Inatur was kind enough to send in one of their moisturisers and today i'm going to be reviewing it ! About the brand : Inatur is a brand that is said to manufacture skin-friendly, natural products. The...

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Mason & Co , 75% Zesty Orange Dark Chocolate Review

I was introduced to Mason & Co by my mum, when she came back home from her shopping spree with a pack of cacao powder , Ever since i've been a fan ! But i was not aware of their dark chocolate range until recently , after reading about the benefits of dark...

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