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Tips To Stay Healthy This Monsoon !

Monsoon brings back with itself the time to be romantic and adventurous. The cloudy sky, the rains, the typical scent of earth at the time of first rains of monsoon and lush greenery all around can give you a high and a very beautiful time to enjoy and get relieved...

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Top 6 Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

Sun is fun . It is the season of looking sexy with all designer light clothes and accessories . Summer is also the season of fruits. With summers one, is reminded about mangoes which is a classic favourite of the season. There is so much to do in summer - swimming ,...

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Three minute mantra of meditation

Think of meditation!!! The picture that floats in our mind is, one sitting in a cross-legged position, with some hand gestures, eyes closed and trying to calm one’s mind. It’s a common belief among most non-serious practicing youth amongst us that after some time,...

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