Sun is fun . It is the season of looking sexy with all designer light clothes and accessories . Summer is also the season of fruits. With summers one, is reminded about mangoes which is a classic favourite of the season. There is so much to do in summer – swimming , trekking , boating , picnics etc … Most of the fun activities summer has to offer is outdoors, sudden rise in temperature can affect any age group.

The hottest month is round the corner and taking some precautionary measures are extremely important to cope with summer heat .


  • Stay Indoors :

It is better to avoid sun during the afternoon time i.e., between 10 AM to 4 PM , but if situation calls you to head outdoor then always wear sunglasses and carry a umbrella with you .



  • Get the right gear to cover your body : 

Always cover yourself with light coloured ad light weight cotton clothes . Use both sunglasses and hat to cover your eyes and head respectively protect yourself from the sun.


  • Skin Protection : 

Always exfoliate and moisturize your skin . Apply sunscreen all over the body 30 minutes before leaving the house , its mandatory that your sunscreen should contain a minimum of SPF 15 and you should reapply the sunscreen every 3-4 hours to avoid skin tanning, premature aging and sunburns.



  • Stay Hydrated :

Drink 10 – 12 glasses of fluids everyday in the form of water, natural juices, Coconut water. Also try to avoid sugary, caffeinated, alcoholic or soft drinks .



  • Eating Habits :

Eat a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables like Mangoes, Grapes, Oranges, Melons, Cucumbers to keep your body cool and hydrated . Avoid Oily, Spicy foods and Meat products since they increase body temperature . Have light and easily digestible food like curd , buttermilk etc.



And last but not least, Spread Happiness. Feed birds and animals with water, food and grains . Plant trees near your home and office to make the surrounding cooler.


Written By : Lawi Anupam ; Edited By: Aswini Ramesh

Until next time

Ciao ❤



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