Think of meditation!!!
The picture that floats in our mind is, one sitting in a cross-legged position, with some hand gestures, eyes closed and trying to calm one’s mind.
It’s a common belief among most non-serious practicing youth amongst us that after some time, meditation slips into boredom and one gets tired of and leaves it. And of course it would be boring, if we don’t understand the basics that go into meditation.
A little of basics First!!! Meditation may be defined as a practice of focusing one’s mind for a particular period of time; Calming down one’s mind!!
Much ink has been spilled since the age of yore to describe the benefits which our body, mind and soul enjoy after we explore meditation. Undoubtedly it addresses the problems of modern youth grappling with ever heightened stress levels… through the tentacles of addictions and losing patience at the fall of hat and fluctuating concentration level, and the benefits of meditation still counting… improving the quality of life holistically.
Practising meditation regularly!!!
This may sound as odd as old granny’s words.
The key to meditation lies in trying to do it regularly each day, and there lies the seed of success!!!
And it is really impossible for a beginner to reach a yogic level so let’s start thinking of small baby steps.
This method is popularly called as the AUM/OM/OHM chanting which is related to most popular misconception that AUM is religious and refers to any particular religion.
It is said that AUM is the first sound of the Creation, and when we chant AUM, positive vibrations are said to be created in our body. Chanting of AUM purifies the energy within… and the environment around.
It takes you Alpha- a meditational state which gives you deep relaxation.
It is scientifically proven that the AUM when chanted correctly and sequentially activates the stomach, spinal cord, throat, nasal and brain regions. The energy moves from the abdomen all the way up to the brain, thereby channelizing energy and activating the spinal cord & brain.
And the best part is its ease and meditation at a beginner’s level may start with this practice.

Following these simple steps daily we can achieve calmness in our life.

  1. Choose your favourite corner in the house, and do not forget to take your cellphone along.
    KEY– If possible choose a dark and quiet place with no or little distractions.
  2. Sit comfortably. Put the timer for 3 minutes on your cellphone. Do not to forget to switch it to flight mode.
    KEY– Everyday give “at least” sit for 3 minutes positively and when you start feeling comfortable, increase the time gradually .
  3. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and start chanting AUM.
    Chant “AUM “in the correct way… Start with “aaaa” (feel the sensation in your stomach and chest), Stress on “uuuuu” (feel the sensation in throat and chest) and with the flow, end with “amm” (feel the sensation in your nasal cavity and brain).
    KEY– Try to focus your mind on the power of this mantra and remove any outside thoughts that starts occurring.
  4. Gradually with each passing day, try and increase the timer by seconds as much as u r comfortable with.
    KEY– When you feel the sensation in correct places, then you know its time to increase our level.

NOTE : This is the most basic way to start meditating from a beginners perspective.

Written By : Bibhamayee Panda 

Until Next Time

Ciao ❤



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